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e-day webinars

Each week our team hosts live webinars to introduce you to the range of tools available within e-days and to offer guidance on best practice.

How can I attend?
Provided that you are included on our mailing list you will receive an email ahead of each upcoming webinar, outlining the topic(s) and inviting you to register. Once registered you will receive a further email outlining the dial-in details for the event. At the scheduled time, simply dial in and allow our team to show you around!

What if I'm unable to attend at the scheduled time?
We understand that it's not always possible to attend the live events, so to make sure that you never miss out we record every webinar and make them available for you to watch at any time, here, via your webinar library.

Video guide links


Self-certification and Return-to-work forms

Self-certification and return-to-work forms can be enabled for any of your absence types. This video offers an overview of this area, including what the forms look like and the process flow that you can expect

Reporting Overview

This webinar is designed to give you an idea of how to get the most out of the reporting functionality within your e-days system. This includes how to create new reports and run default reports, how to filter and sort reports in order to get the information that you're looking for, and scheduling reports

Remaining Entitlement Alert

e-days gives you the functionality to periodically inform users on what entitlement they have remaining. This can be particularly useful when it comes toward the end of the year, to encourage users to use up anything they have remaining.

Setting up entitlement accrual policies

Do you credit staff additional entitlements, on top of basic holiday allowance? If so then e-days can be configured to accommodate these as well, along with the ability to set up automated rules to credit the relevant staff at the appropriate points. This can include crediting additional entitlement based on length of service, seniority awards based on age, or simple annual credits for things like birthdays, moving days, or marriage. Another way that this functionality is often used is to accommodate the weekly or monthly accrual of holiday entitlement directly as well. In this webinar we will cover all of this, including how you can create new entitlements, build policies into it to automate the crediting of staff, and how this all works in practice.

Entitlements Overview

This video offers an overview of how to change entitlement for a single user or multiple users of your system. This includes a step by step guide for both regular and complex mode when changing a single user’s entitlement and how to use the ‘Import Entitlement’ tool within the admin section. This webinar is perfect for administrators updating single user’s entitlement or needing to add an extra day to all staff entitlement within their e-days system.

Introduction to roles

Did you know that you can customise precisely which areas of e-days are available to your staff? This is done through the 'roles' functionality and includes the ability to build entirely new roles that can be assigned to groups of staff but also to adjust the role assigned to a specific individual, where required. In this webinar we will cover how this area of e-days works and how you can use it to tailor the access afforded to your staff.

Inputting your public holiday and company shut-down dates

One of the key admin tasks within e-days is to ensure that any shut-down days are in place and accurate as early as possible. This includes public holidays, Christmas shut-down days, or any other dates during the year whereby your organisation shuts down overall. The first thing to say is that it’s very quick and simple to handle, and in this webinar, we will show you how!

User import/export tool

e-days offers the functionality to update the User's personal details and settings in bulk via the User import/export tool. You are able to pick certain data and users to export into excel, edit, and update, then reimport back into the system. In this webinar, we show you what the tool can do and how exactly each area works

Absence types and data visibility

This webinar is designed to help you safeguard what absence data users can see within the various different areas of e-days. We go through best practices and the different options you have for displaying absence data.

Bulk user updates

Some changes within e-days would be too time-consuming to perform for each user - for example what happens when a manager leaves and we need to set their replacement as the authoriser for all their reportees? For this reason, e-days has a bulk user update tool that can perform changes to a large number of users and allows you to be incredibly specific with who you're performing changes to. This video will take you through how to set-up a change and what options are available for changes

Manager Delegation

The Manager Delegation option in e-days allows you to give control to your managers to delegate their requests to other authorisers, for certain record types or periods. This webinar will show you how to enable the feature and how exactly it functions.

Introduction to alert groups

The alert group tool can be used to set up reminder emails. This is widely used to trigger automatic reminders to managers to action an outstanding request, or perhaps an HR mailbox when a request is authorised, to provide oversight of staff absence. This video will take you through the basics of the alert group facility, giving you all of the information you need to get started.

Covered by

The covered by the tool can be configured quickly and easily to allow staff to indicate who will be covering their absence. This video offers an overview of how to enable this facility, and how it all works.

Expiring carry over

e-days has a tool to allow you to enforce carry over expiry policies. This means that, at the appropriate point, you can locate and review entitlement carried over from the previous that has not been used, and expire any as needed. This video offers an introduction to this facility, including a walk-through of how it all works.

Buying and selling holiday entitlement

e-days offers tools to allow staff to buy and/or sell holiday entitlement, including the ability to configure the setup to match the policies of your organisation. This video will take you through this area, including an overview of the available options and how it all works in practice.

End of year check-list

Ahead of your new holiday year there are a few checks that need to be performed to ensure that your system is ready. This includes reviewing and updating holiday entitlement for the new year, inputting public holiday dates, and ensuring that your carryover rules are correct. This video will walk you through the key things to be aware of, and how to perform the required checks.

Introduction to groups and minimum staffing levels

The group's facility allows you to build and reflect the hierarchy of your organisation within e-days. It is also possible to impose staffing level restrictions on a per-group basis (typically per-team) to ensure that minimum staffing levels are adhered to. This video will take you through all you need to know about groups, including how to configure minimum staffing levels.

Introduction to templates

Templates allow you to map the requirements for different areas of your organisation. They can save you time, and provide complete flexibility in approach. This video offers an overview of templates, including how to build and assign a template, and how they work in practice.

Breaking down large groups

One of the questions frequently posed to our team is how to break down large groups (e.g. teams or locations), to better manage sub-groups. The benefits of this can include allowing you to restrict calendar access to staff appropriately, as well as the ability to configure minimum staffing levels for sub-teams, rather than the wider team as a whole. In this webinar we will walk through a practical example of how to go about this using the tools available within your e-days system.

Setting up Users with flexible working patterns

Did you know that e-days can accommodate staff working flexible patterns? In this webinar we discuss the tools that are in place specifically to handle this kind of scenario, including how to configure the system for the appropriate staff and how it works in practice.

Administrator overview

This video offers an overview of the key areas of your e-days admin panel and the basics of how it all works. This is perfect for new administrators, as well as existing administrator's who may require a refresher.

Introduction to the entitlement import tool

The entitlement import tool is designed to save you time when updating entitlement figures on mass. This video offers an introduction to this facility, including a walk-through of how it all works.

Introduction to custom days

The custom days tool can be used to reflect any company closure dates, as well as any dates on which no leave requests are permitted. This video offers an introduction to this area, including a walk-through of how it all works.

Rotas overview

The powerful rota tool allows you to build, update, and assign any working patterns that are required for your organisation. This video offers an overview of this area, including how to build days, hours, and nights based rotas, setting a default rota for new staff, and making changes to staff rotas.

Overtime and TOIL overview

e-days offers a powerful overtime and TOIL (Time Off In Lieu) facility, which can be configured to match the requirements of your organisation. This video provides an overview of this area, including a walk-through of the configuration options that are available, and how it all works. 

Managing multiple locations

Your e-days system can quickly and easily be configured to reflect the requirements of multiple locations. This might include date format, time zone, language, available absence types, and specific facilities, as well as overall settings and permissions. This video offers an overview of how to set up and reflect these kinds of variances.

Changing Holiday Year

This webinar will help you change when the holiday year runs for your e-days system, including specific users in the system. The session runs through how to use e-days' "Change Calendar Year" tool, what each setting does, and the impact it will have on your users.

Authoriser overview

This video offers an overview of how e-days works from the perspective of an authoriser. This includes a look at the manager dashboard, reports, and accessing staff records. This is perfect for new authorisers, as well as existing authorisers who may require a refresher.

User overview

This video offers an overview of how e-days works from the perspective of a User. This includes a look at the personal dashboard, how to view and log new requests, and your e-days calendar. This is perfect for new Users, as well as existing users who may require a refresher.

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