The below guide will provide you with steps on how to log a new recurring absence. This would be used when you need to take an absence on a recurring basis.

  1. Click the yellow Holidays and planned absences button near the top of the page.
  2. Locate the Holiday booker form at the top of the page.
  3. Set the Absence type for your request. This absence type will need to have recurrence enabled.
  4. Press the Set recurring event button.
  5. Indicate the recurrence pattern that you would like the absences to follow, and when this should start and end. The duration of your absence and how much entitlement should potentially be deducted will be calculated based on your selections here.
  6. Optionally enter text into the Details box. This text will be included in your request details when e-days sends it to your approver.
  7. Press the Submit request button.
  8. If any absences conflict, you will be prompted either to remove these dates or edit the recurrence pattern, and resubmit the absence.
  9. e-days will confirm the request has been submitted and it will be listed in the lower half of this screen along with other requests of this type.

Note: The Holiday booker form can also be accessed on any page by clicking on your remaining holiday balance displayed at the top-right of each screen.