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e-days release 5.44

e-days is pleased to announce the release of e-days version 5.44. For a complete list of improvements and changes please see the list below.
If you have any questions relating to the updates, please contact the support team:

New Features:

Reports: A variety of improvements have been made to the reporting section. These include:
  1. The ability to pin reports to the home page.
  2. A search function for finding fields to add to the report.
  3. Filters can now be chosen without leaving the Run page.
  4. Click to add fields to report
 Video available:

Reports dashboard graphs: New graphs have been added to the reporting section, which can be filtered by dates and groups of people:
  1. Absence trend
  2. Cost of absence
  3. Total duration of absence
  4. Percentage of remaining annual leave
  5. Percentage time lost
  6. Notifications: Admins with the Notifications permission can now send notifications to collections of users, and they will be visible in-system. This can be done by navigating to the Global area of the Admin panel. Also, authorisers will receive a notification when their reportee places an absence or overtime request. This functionality will likely be expanded in the coming months. 
  7. Recurrence tool: Absences now have an option allowing them to be booked on a recurring basis. This can be done on a matter of days, weeks or months. This functionality can be turned on within the absence type setting in global.
          Video available:

  1. Weekly summary email: There is now an option within the system tab on Global, Template or User, for authorisers to receive email notifications on a weekly basis. This informs them of the following activity for all users within their Staff Records user view:
    1. Planned absences occurring this week
    2. Calendar events occurring this week
    3. Outstanding return-to-work / self-certification forms
    4. Long service award which has been applied within the last week
    5. Annual entitlement remaining for users who are far behind on spending
    6. A copy of the authoriser’s Action List, showing requests awaiting their action
  2. Translation glossary: In systems with more than one language, admins can now amend translations. This may be used to customise the phrasing of certain areas of text, specific to your business. This can be done by navigating to the Global area of the Admin panel.

  1. The Action List now shows the description and/or defined reason for each record listed and will update the calendar immediately when a request is actioned. This allows quick access to comments box, so that authorisers to request additional information prior to confirming or rejecting a request.
  2. It is now possible to copy User Templates.
  3. In addition to using your mouse, you can use the arrows/enter key on your keyboard to choose a user in the “Find user” dropdowns.
  4. The cursor now starts in the username field when you access the system home page.
  5. Custom Forms have been renamed to Incomplete Forms.
  6. The “Book time off” area no longer appears if planned absences are disabled in your system.
  7. The Feature Checklist has been updated to include all new features.

If you would like to provide feedback on the latest release, please email

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