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e-days release 5.52

e-days is pleased to announce the release of e-days version 5.52. For a complete list of improvements and changes please see the list below. If you have any questions relating to the updates, please contact the support team:

New Features:

  1. Document Portal: The Document Portal is a centralised area where admins may keep documents for employees to access. These could include company policies and procedures, travel form templates or your staff handbook
    1. Documents can be sorted into categories based on their type.
    2. Visibility of document categories can be restricted to certain groups, so you could upload documents which are location-specific, for example.Users can receive email notifications when documents are uploaded, so they know to log in and view the latest upload.
    3. Documents carry with them a download receipt, so admins can see who has viewed each document and when. Users will be able to tell if a document is new to them.
    4. here are filters to allow users to find documents easily.
    5. The Portal has two layouts for desktop versions and is fully functional on mobile devices.
  2. Employee Directory: Document Expiry
    1. There is now an option to set expiry dates on the documents uploaded to a user’s profile in the Employee Directory.
    2. When expiry is coming up, notifications can be sent to a choice of User, Authoriser, or the HR Admin contact for the system. These are sent in the form of both emails and built-in bell notifications.
    3. Expired documents can be set to automatically be deleted upon expiry.


  1. Removing working periods: there is now a cleaner interface on a user’s Rota page, and admins may click the Remove button to remove a working period from the rota.

If you would like to provide feedback on the latest release, please email

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