e-days is pleased to announce the release of e-days version 5.60. For a complete list of improvements and changes please see the list below. If you have any questions relating to the updates, please contact the support team:

 New Features: 

Bradford Factor alerts – it is now possible to set up email alerts which send the moment a user crosses a Bradford Factor threshold.

  • The email alerts may contain a customisable description.
  • Can choose to send to any of: the user; the authoriser; the HR admin (if set).
  • HR admin can be set at global or template level, so you can have a custom recipient per template if desired.
  • Multiple emails can be added to a field by separating with a semicolon, e.g. admin1@e-days.com; admin2@e-days.com
  • Set these up in the System tab of Global, Template and User level.
  • The recipients can be different for each level. To “disable” for a level, remove all recipients.
  • Total deletion of an alert is possible at global level.
  • If an open absence extends over a threshold, it will send an email when this happens.

Cancellation workflows – when adding additional authorisation chains, there are now options to select “Authorisation”, “Cancellation” or “Both”.

  • “Authorisation” is the standard process of newly-submitted -> Authorised. “Cancellation” refers to Authorised -> Cancelled.
  • Note that Pending -> Cancelled never requires any authorisation.
  • There is an All record types option, which can be applied to Cancellation and will create an authorisation chain for all record types currently in the system.
  • If you add a new record type to the system, it does not automatically appear in existing “All” chains.
  • Bulk user update
  • Can be used to bulk update to a Cancellation chain or a Both chain.
  • When cancellation is approved on an alternate chain, the authorisation authoriser for that chain is notified.
  • If the absence type has “Use authorisation for cancellation” disabled, then any additional chains for cancellation will not be used; the absence type setting takes precedence.

FTE change calculator – the calculation part of the FTE change wizard.

  • When changing FTE, there is now a button to suggest a calculation.
  • After picking an effective date, the calculation option appears when:
  • The effective year is strictly later than the employment start year
  • The user does not have any other FTE changes in the effective year or in a future year
  • The user’s FTE at the start of the effective year is not zero
  • It affects the default holiday entitlement pot.
  • It calculates using the number of days into the year that the change occurs: for example, a user with 20 days of entitlement changing their FTE from 1 to 0.6 halfway into the year will get (1 * 0.5 + 0.6 * 0.5) * 20 = 16 days.
  • Rounding options are as normal for entitlement.
  • Manual FTE change is always possible for this year and next year – even when the calculate options not present.

If you would like to provide feedback on the latest release, please email feedback@e-days.co.uk