When an e-days system is first created, a member of our Professional Services team will have added the first year of public holidays for the appropriate countries in your system. 

While the system is not able to automatically populate public holidays for future years, we have developed a tool to quickly import public holidays for future years.

This process will require two steps, assigning a Country to a Public Holiday Group and Importing the Public Holidays via the Import Feed. Please see below for guides on how to do both steps.

Assigning a Country to a Public Holiday Group:

To assign a country to a public holiday group, you will need to follow the below steps.

1. Navigate to Admin tools > Admin panel

2. Go to Global > Public Holiday Setup

3. Click the Edit button against the Public Holiday Group

4. Assign a country to the group by clicking the Country drop down menu and selecting the required country

5. Click on the Save button to save the country assignment

NOTE: If the country you are looking for is not present in the country listing, an import will not be possible via the public holiday feed.

Importing Public Holidays via the Import Feed:

Before performing this task, you should ensure that you have assigned countries to the public holiday groups you wish to import into.

1. Navigate to Admin tools > Admin panel

2. Go to Global > Public Holiday Setup

3. Click on the Import Public Holidays button

4. Select the Countries and the Years you wish to import into the system*

5. Click the Search button

6. Check the list of dates that are generated are what you’d like added to e-days**

    6a. You can select exactly which public holidays you would like to import by checking/un-checking the public holidays

7. If satisfied with the produced results, click the Save button

*If you search for a country that is not assigned to any public holiday group in your system, an option will be made available to assign that country’s public holidays to an existing group or create a new group to house those public holiday dates.

**The results from the public holiday feed are generated from a third-party service. You should review the generated list thoroughly before saving the selected dates.

When appending dates to a public holiday group listing, e-days will update the calendar for all users who have the affected public holiday group applied.