Step by step guide:

  • Navigate to: Admin tools > Users
  • Use the search filters to find the existing User you intend to update, then press the blue "Edit" button on their row.
  • Press the "Entitlements" tab.
  • Press "Edit" for the "Holiday" row.
  • Press "Edit" for the "Annual Entitlement" row.
  • Press the tab for the year period you intend to update (Last year/Current year/Next year).
  • Input the adjustment to the balance that you would like to make within the "Adjust balance" field. - If you wish to reduce the entitlement you will need to enter the adjustment as a minus number.
  • Input any details you would like adding to the adjustment within the "Description" field.
  • At the bottom of the page press the orange "Save" button.

Please find our video tutorial link below:


If your set-up is different to the above, please refer to the "Updating a User's holiday entitlement" page.

You will need the Users permission applied to your e-days role in order to carry out this task.