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Release 5.63

e-days is pleased to announce the release of e-days version 5.44. For a complete list of improvements and changes please 

see the list below.

If you have any questions relating to the updates, please contact the support team:

New features: 

  • Reports – new fields  
    1. Overtime report – Reason field
    2. Absence report – DateModified field 
    3. “Authorisers” is now present on the Entitlement, Carryover and all three Time Submission reports. It behaves the same as the existing one on User reports (so it is a generic list of authorisers for that user, not specific to the record on the Carryover or Time Submission reports).
  • API – FTE endpoint 
    1. PUT/PATCH/POST User accepts a new FTE.  
      • This is not a required field, partly to avoid breaking CSOD integration. The default value is 1 when doing the POST for new users. The default behaviour on PUT is to not change FTE history at all. 
      • POST adds and FTE change history entry with an effective date the employment start date of the user, or today if no start date present. The current FTE is set to the value given. 
      • PUT adds an FTE change history entry for today’s date, updating the current FTE to it also. If there is already a change on the current date, it gets overwritten. 
      • Behaves like the User import tool; doesn't pro-rate entitlements. 
      • GET User returns the current FTE. 
  • API – Rota endpoint 
    1. There is an existing rota endpoint, but it was insufficient because it only assigned the pattern without altering calendar data at all. 
      • The existing endpoint assigns the rota to the user in the RotaApplication table, and any existing records are removed from the RotaApplication table. 
      • We have added an optional date field to the existing rota endpoint. When running the new endpoint, that is the date the rota will be applied from. If no date is supplied, it will choose today’s date. 
    2. The new endpoint can be applied to a batch of users: 
      • Calendar day entries are created matching the applied rota from the start date specified on the rota application table for a period running for two years from the current date. 
      • Any user that does not have a record in the RotaApplication table is ignored. 
      • Existing calendar data before the Rota application start date are unchanged. 
      • Any absences that fall on days changed by the rota application are unchanged. 
    3. There is no day verification, so you can choose to assign a weekly rota on a non-Monday. 
      • Applying a weekly rota pattern on a Wednesday will skip the first 2 days of the rota pattern. This means that the days in the rota pattern will occur on the correct day of the week in the calendar going forward. 
  • API – Absence duration added to GET absence endpoint 
    1. GET absence returns DurationInDays and DurationInMinutes. 
    2. Note: There is no POST or PUT associated with these at this moment. 

API – the PartnerId field on the Settings Template page is now present in the system

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