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Time Submission

How to set up Time Submission

e-days can be used to track the working hours of users, using the Time Submission feature.

Please note: Time Submission is a Paid Feature, please contact the Customer Success team ( to discuss having this enabled on your system.

Once it has been enabled, please follow the steps below to configure it:

  • Navigate to Admin tools > Admin panel > Global > Time submission setup
  • Check the ‘Enable time submission’ box
  • If you would like Time submission notifications, check this box too
  • Click the Save button

You may need to enable the relevant permissions in the Roles to enable Time Submission from the front end.

How to submit hours using Time Submission

To submit your hours using the Time Submission feature, please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to My tools > Time Submission
  • You will be directed to the current week (if you require a different week, select the week from the top of the page)
  • Click the + button under the required day
  • Input your start/end time
  • If you have worked more than one shift in a day, select the + next to the times you have already entered

  • Input your start/end time
  • To delete a shift, press the bin icon
  • Click the Save week button – this will allow you to come back and edit the week
  • Once the week is completed and you are sure your hours have been inputted correctly, click Submit week to send to your authoriser

Please note: Once you have submitted your week, you will be unable to amend the hours.

How to authorise a Time Submission

  • Navigate to your Manager’s Dashboard
  • You will see Time Submissions in your Action List
  • Click on the Time Submission link to review
  • Click Authorise or Reject as required – you will be prompted to enter a reason if the submission is rejected

Please note: Once authorised, there is no way of amending the hours submitted. Once rejected, the user will be notified and be able to amend the submission as required.

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