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e-days release 5.42

e-days is pleased to announce the release of e-days version 5.42. For a complete list of improvements and changes please see the list below. If you have any questions relating to the updates, please contact the support team:

New Features

• Visual improvements to the layout of the Balances section for planned and unplanned absences.
• The Bradford Factor now displays in a cleaner bar format. 
• TOIL now shows a breakdown of all balances that are pending being spent/accrued, and there are quick links to allow users to spend their earned Overtime and TOIL.
• In the Admin Panel, Rota Calendar pages now display the start dates of each rota that has been applied: to a user; to a template; and globally.
• Admins can now preview the users who will be present in an individual’s Custom Filter. This will allow you to check that they are seeing the correct people in their Calendar, Reporting, Staff Records and Admin views.
• Shortcut links have been added to the Admin Panel, so that Groups, Authorisation Chains, Custom Filters and User Templates may be easily applied to users.


• The Absence Type Setup page now has its options split into sub-sections.
• Global Role permissions are now grouped by section of the system, for a clearer layout.
• The Rota Setup page now has tooltips explaining all its options.
• The Expire Carry Over page now has tooltips explaining all its options.
• The Import Entitlement section is now located under Users.
• Public holidays now display in your local time zone when exported to an ICAL feed.
• “Transfer” is now known as “Carry Over / Transfer” consistently.
• The “Edit” button can be clicked again to close the Edit form of an overtime booking.
• Minor rewording of the Overtime section, and of the “Cancel” popup when cancelling a booking.

If you would like to provide feedback on the latest release, please email

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