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e-days Classic Leaver Guide

e-days Leaver Guide

What is the leaver's facility?

The facility will allow you to retain user’s records for those that have left your company, without keeping them “active” on the system. 

There are several advantages in doing this; 

  • The “non-active” user will have no way of accessing the system. 
  • All records and data for the user will remain accessible on the system to managers and administrators; including historical absence records 
  • You will be able to pull accurate reports for users that have left in the same way as you can do for users that are active on the system. 
  • will not have to pay the full license fee for the leaver users; instead, you will pay a discounted licence fee rate per block of leavers

How do I use the Leavers facility?

The first thing to do is to contact the e-Days team and request the required amount of Leavers licences. 

Once these licences have been set up you can add leavers to your system. 

To make an active user a leaver you need to follow these steps; 

  • Login to the admin panel. 
  • Select the users or authorisers link depending on whether the staff you want to make a leaver is a user or an authoriser
  • You then need to select the View link for whatever user you want to convert

If you would like to enlarge the image, please click on it to expand.

  • Once you have selected the link you will find the User Status option and select Left
  • Click confirm to save the changes
  • Once you confirm the information the user will become a Lea
  • Leavers are highlighted in red in the user/authoriser list as shown below; 

If you would like to enlarge the image, please click on it to expand.

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