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e-days Classic Booker Guide

e-days Booker Guide 


The booker development increases the flexibility of booking planned or unplanned absences. 

A booker is an e-days account which can be used to book sickness or planned absence on behalf of a group of users. 

There are 3 types of booker

Account Type

Can book…?

Items sent for Authorisation?

Non authorising Booker

Planned & Unplanned


Sickness Booker

Unplanned only


Authorising booker

Planned & Unplanned


  1. Non authorising booker – Non authorising booker can book a planned or unplanned absence on behalf of a user. Once booked the absence is submitted for authorisation in the same way as a normal user makes a planned or unplanned absence request
  2. Sickness booker – This type of booker can book unplanned absence on behalf of a user. Once booked the absence is automatically authorised.
  3. Authorising booker – This type of booker can book a planned absence on behalf of a user. Once booked the absence is automatically authorised.

What are bookers used for? 

  • Booker logins can be used by PA’s, team administrators, HR & other employees who may need to carry out actions on other user’s behalf. 
  • Bookers are assigned to individuals in a similar way to how authorisers are assigned to users. 
  • Bookers are assigned to individuals in addition to their approvers / authorisers
  • Bookers are often assigned to departments e.g. a login called Finance Booker is given to the PA for a Finance department. 

How does the booker role work?

  • A booker is a completely separate user with a unique login. 
  • When you login with a booker you will notice there are less navigation options than standard users; having only got access to staff records and the calendar. This is because they only need access to other user’s records that they are responsible for. 
  • Booking an absence with a booker is very simple and follows the exact same process used when making a request with a standard user.  

How do you setup bookers?

  • Bookers first need to be created as “Users” within the system. 
  • Once created a booker can be assigned to a user from within their “System Settings”; a user may have multiple bookers of different types assigned to them
  • If you would like to setup Booker’s for the whole organisation the e-days team can do this for you; there is an admin charge for this. 

The Setup process

  • To create a booker first login to the admin panel and select the user link
  • select the add new user link then enter the desired name and login details for the booker

  • Select the type of booker you want to create for the list of user types; you need to place the booker in one of the teams that contain users that they are responsible for 

  • A booker does not need any associated authorisers or any holiday entitlement 
  • You can associate multiple email addresses with the booker role. This allows several members of staff to receive notification emails that are relevant to the booker. 
  • Enter confirm when all the changes are made. 
  • Once you have created a booker you need to assign them to specific users. 
  • Select the users link (please note that the same process applies to assigning authorisers bookers)
  • Select the View link for the user you want to assign a booker to
  • Choose the relevant booker(s) from the text box (hold ctrl for multiple selections)

  • Select confirm to submit the changes

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