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e-days Classic Groups Guide

e-days Groups Guide


The ‘groups’ feature provides greater control and flexibility in the way that you can organise and view staff.

Typically, within e-days, the calendar views are determined by the teams that staff is associated with. The group's facility provides an additional layer of functionality to this, which allows you to govern who can see who within the calendar without restriction, allowing users within e-days to be assigned to groups regardless of their current teams/locations.

NB: Groups only appear in the calendar; they do not affect staff records, which only authorisers have access to.

How to set it up

You can create and configure Groups via the admin panel. 

The first step is to enable the Groups feature via the global settings area;

  • Now that the Groups feature is enabled, the next step is to create a new Group using the Groups link (1), then select the Add Calendar Group link (2), then type in the name of the group and press Confirm


  • To assign users or authorisers to a Group simply go to the Users link and select the View link for the relevant user. 
  • You will now notice two new settings in this section; Groups and Viewable Groups. 

  • ‘Groups’ allows you to assign the user to a group.
  • ‘Viewable Groups’ allows you to assign which groups the user can see within the calendar. 

For both options, you simply need to select the relevant group(s) using the list box on the right-hand side.

NB: You are able to select multiple groups by holding down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and then selecting with your mouse.

How this looks in the front end

Once Groups have been enabled the relevant user(s) can see the change in the calendar.

There are now two views available; the original Standard View and an additional Group View. 

Each individual user can set either of these two views to be their default view when they load up their calendar. 

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