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e-days Classic - User Import/Export

You can update certain user information in bulk using the User Import/Export, this tool allows you to download user information in a spreadsheet to amend and import. Please see the guide below:

You will see that there are a few options that need setting in order to complete the Export. 

  • Identifier - this will be used identify the user's that need updating in the system and needs to be set to an option that all your users will have.
  • Delimiter - You can choose what will separate multiple values in the export. For example, if you have users assigned to multiple teams, these will be separated by the value you choose for this setting. This can be important if you've got syntax in the names of teams.
  • Leading zeros - If your identifiers start with zeros, selecting this will add an apostrophe to the start so that they aren't removed when exported.
  • Export File
    • User Update Template - this will export a blank template spreadsheet, containing an example row
    • All Existing Data - this will export a spreadsheet containing all existing user data¬†

Once you have set the options as required, click the Export button to download your spreadsheet. After it has downloaded, you can amend the data as required, ensuring that the Identifier column remains unchanged. Save the file as a .csv and return to e-days.

To import the new file, click the Choose file button, select the required file and click Import.

Once completed, you will see a message stating how many rows were successful, and how many (if any) were rejected, these can be exported to review.

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