We are aware of an issue currently affecting our Cornerstone clients where they cannot Login to e-days via Cornerstone and are being met with an error similar to the following

This is an issue on the Cornerstone platform which Cornerstone are aware of and investigating. 

If you have any questions regarding this we would recommend getting in touch with Cornerstones Support team. 

This error was first raised on 29th March 2021, as soon as we have an update regarding this we will update this article accordingly.

Note: for future reference, an e-days error message will usually manifest itself in one of the following ways...

  • A red banner at the top of your browser whilst using e-days. 
  • An Orange square with an Exception Error made up of random numbers and letters.
  • Some browser errors can be the result of a configuration issue in e-days though this is rare.

If you have any questions regarding how to spot e-days errors in your system please get in touch with e-days support.