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Workflow Builder - Example Workflows


In your Workflow Builder, you'll see a folder called 'Example Workflows' when you first open the new tool. These are workflows that we've already created, for various use-cases, ready for you to switch on whenever you like. 

But what do they actually do? Let's take a look:

An absence has not been authorised yet

This alert will send a reminder to the manager if a holiday request is still pending from one of their team, after 5 days. You might find this particularly useful before the end of the holiday year, where unauthorised holidays can have a negative effect on automatic carryover requests. 

Top Tip: Create multiple reminders, for 3 days, 5 days, 7 days if you're having issues with manager approvals!


Automatically authorise advanced Holiday

This workflow will automatically change the holiday request to approved, if the user has booked with at least 30 days notice. This can be a great time-saver for managers, where generally they would be happy to approve holiday this far in the future. 

High duration of sickness in last 12 months

If an employee accumulates 10 or more days of sick leave in the last 12 months, an email will be sent to the HR contact in the system, with an absence summary. You can build your own alert in a similar way to this one, depending on your absence policies.

High occurrences of sickness in last 12 months

If an employee has more than 3 occurrences of sick leave in the last 12 months, an email will be sent to the HR contact in the system, with an absence summary. You may have your own absence policies where you need to send these alerts at 3 months, 6 months, etc. 

High remaining entitlement reminder

On the 1st October, an email will be sent to any employees with more than 50% of annual leave remaining - encouraging them to use their holiday before the Year End. This is a great alert you can configure to send at various times in the year to avoid a large build up of holiday allowance across your teams. 

Top Tip: You can set this workflow to send at the end of every quarter throughout the year, to encourage a consistent usage of holiday allowance, and even include important carryover information so all staff are aware of your policies.

Inform HR when a long holiday is authorised

When a Holiday is approved for more than 10 days, the HR contact will receive an email to make them aware.

Maternity - Reminder authoriser of KIT days

90 days after the Maternity Leave date starts, an email is sent to the manager to remind them about scheduling KIT days.

Remind managers about holiday from reportees

2 days before one of your team is about to go on annual leave, a reminder is sent to the manager to schedule a handover if necessary. 

Top Tip: You could also include absence length conditions here, such as when an employee is going to be away for more than 5 days. 

Reportee's absence is still open

If one of your reportees still has an open absence after 7 days, a reminder is sent to the manager to confirm this is expected. Sometimes, managers can forget to close Open Absences after the employee has returned to work, so this is a useful reminder to avoid those scenarios. 

Send welcome emails to new users

This will send an email to new users after they've been created in the system. It includes a link to your edays system, and in this instance if you have Single Sign-On enabled, they'll be able to login using SSO. If not using SSO, you may prefer to send them their system login, and they'll be able to reset their password when visiting the edays logon page. 

Note: You can enable these workflows at any time, or duplicate and edit them to work how you prefer. There's many different ways you can customise these examples to suit your own requirements - or you can simply create your own folders and create new workflows from scratch. 

Happy Workflow Building!

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