Creating a Single weekday based rota.

The below guide will walk you through making a rota for a user who is day based.

This guide is to make a rota for a recurring weekly pattern.

  • From the control panel select rotas
  • Select edit rota week patterns.
  • Click add a weekly pattern.
  • Name the pattern.
  • Set a description if needed.
  • As a default, all days are set as not working, on the working days for this pattern please select the periods of work for the days required eg full day.
  • Press confirm once this is complete.

  • Press return to the rota list.
  • Click add rota.
  • Set a name for this rota.
  • Provide a description if needed.
  • Select a start date for the rota - this must be a Monday.
  • Press add working patterns and select the pattern you have just created.
  • Press confirm.