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Insights - How to use Insights

Getting Started

When visiting Insights for the first time, you will be greeted with an empty state. This will be displayed when there are no widgets on the dashboard. Click the [Add] button to add your first widget. Once added, the empty state will disappear and will reappear if you delete all widgets from the dashboard.


Adding Widgets

Adding widgets is done from the right-side widget menu. This can be opened by clicking the [Edit] button or from the [Add] button within the empty state. Once you have selected a widget type, click the [Add Widget] button to add it to the dashboard.


Editing/Deleting Widgets

To edit a Widget, click on the kebab menu located within the top-right corner of any Widget. Clicking the edit option will open a widget editor. When editing a Widget, you can:

  • Change the Widget title.
  • Filter the data by Segment (Settings Template, Groups, Custom Filters).
  • Filter the data by Periods (Last 12 Months, Last Month, Next Month, Next 12 Months).


To delete a widget, click on the kebab menu located within the top-right corner of any Widget. Clicking the delete widget option will open a confirmation dialogue, up on confirmation, the widget will be removed from the dashboard.

Moving Widgets

In order to move Widgets, click the [Edit] button located in the top-right. Once in edit mode, you can simply drag and drop existing Widgets into an empty space, the new position will be saved instantly.


Custom Theming

Custom theming is a paid for feature, it allows for the upload of a company logo and the ability to change colours—please reach out to our Customer Success Team for more information.


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