If you'd like to configure e-days to sync with your calendar providers and you are unable to select Group or Personal and trigger the automatic application selector, you will be able to copy the link and import it into your external calendar providers, such as an Outlook OR Google account, please see below. 

Log into e-days using the account in which you'd like to sync the calendar.

Navigate to the “Group Calendar” > Hover over “Add e-days to your calendar” > Right-click on “Group” OR "Personal" > Click “Copy link address”. 

If you would like to enlarge the video, please click on it to expand.

Then you will need to import this into the provider, please see below for official guides. 



Note these are not maintained by e-days and are subject to change - if you have any questions about the importing, we would recommend speaking with your internal OR external IT department. 


  • You will now need to send this link to all the individuals you wish to share this calendar with.
  • You can paste the link into an email by click “Ctrl + V”
  • Once you have sent this link to the relevant individuals, they will need to follow these instructions to import the calendar.