e-days support the inclusion of a user's FTE (Full Time Equivalent), this allows e-days to determine what a full day is classed as, for example, a full-time worker would have an FTE of 1, compared to a part-timer, who may have an FTE of 0.5. 

This functionality is very useful if you are changing the user's hours OR if they go part-time, e-days has a FTE change wizard that will store the change of FTE and calculate the user's new entitlement. 

Furthermore, this function is supported for multiple changes. 

Please see the steps below on how to change a user's FTE:

  • Navigate to Admin tools > Admin panel > Users > Users
  • Search for the user and click Edit
  • Under the Personal Information header, click the Change FTE button to go to the change wizard page
  • Enter the new FTE value and the effective date
  • Select any affected entitlement pots
  • Click Calculate new entitlement
  • This will calculate their entitlement for this year, and next year, you can review these balances and amend as necessary
  • Click Change FTE and set entitlement to save the changes
  • This will then show within the audit set at the bottom of the page.

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