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FTE - Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Overview

This guide has been created for system administrators.

Specific role permissions may be required, including: Users.


The Full Time Equivalent (FTE) feature in Edays allows you to provide proration to users in relation to their respective working week. FTE relies on a predetermined top line number of hours being attributed to ‘full time’, and this ‘full time’ hours worked per week represents the uppermost FTE level of 1. Consequently, any employee contracted to work less than ‘full time’ will be set to a lower FTE (somewhere between 0 and 1) based on the FTE calculation below.

FTE = 1 * (hours worked / full time hours)

For example, if the ‘full time’ working hours are set as 40 per week and a particular employee is contracted to work 20 hours per week, this employee would be set to an FTE of 0.5.

1 * (20 / 40) = 0.5


How is FTE used in Edays?

Edays allows for an FTE level to be set whilst creating a new user. When you enter the required FTE and the ‘full time’ holiday entitlement, the system is be able to calculate the number of hours/days that the new user is entitled to.

It will also allow Edays to calculate amended entitlement allowances if the user’s working hours change in the future. For example, if a user works exactly half of an entitlement year at an FTE level of 1 and then reduces to an FTE level of 0.5, Edays will provide an amended entitlement allowance based on the calculation below.

((Full time entitlement x FTE 1) x (Half year / Whole year)) + ((Full time entitlement x FTE 0.5) x (Half year / Whole year))


If you would like to view our guide to adjusting an existing user’s FTE level, please click here.

Depending on how public holidays have been configured for your Edays system, public holidays can be set to deduct from an associated entitlement element. Where a user's FTE level is changed, the allocation of the public holiday entitlement can be taken into consideration. If you are unsure of how your public holidays have been configured please raise a support ticket and our support team will provide further guidance.

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