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Submitting Hours using Time Tracking

Submitting Hours using Time Tracking

Utilising Time Tracking is a convenient method for effortlessly submitting your working hours. This guide will walk you through the steps to submit your hours using Time Tracking.

To begin, go to My Tools > Time Tracking on your profile. You will be directed to the current week, but if you need to submit hours for a different week, choose the week from the top of the page.

To add a shift, click the + button under the relevant day. Enter your start and end time for that shift. If you've worked multiple shifts in a day, select the + next to the times you've already entered.

If you need to remove a shift, click the bin icon. Once you've inputted all your shifts for the week, click the Save week button. This allows you to revisit and edit the week if necessary.

Once you're certain that your hours are accurately entered, click Submit week to forward it to your authoriser. Please note that after submitting your week, you won't be able to modify the hours unless your authoriser rejects the timesheet.

In summary, Time Tracking provides a straightforward and efficient way to submit your working hours. Follow these steps to ensure the accurate recording and timely submission of your hours.

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