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Elite Package User Acceptance Testing

Following the administrator training, you will be given access to the system, you will be able to explore the features in more detail and begin user acceptance testing (UAT).

We will provide you with a test script for guidance during this phase, as well as a defect log where you will be able to record any issues or queries to be discussed with your project manager in your UAT feedback calls during this phase.

Once the UAT phase has completed and you are happy with the configuration of your edays system and with the accuracy of your user data, you will be asked to confirm this to your project manager. 

At this point, if you have been using a staging system to test your configuration and user data, your project manager will copy the configuration of your system to production (which will be actual system you will be using with your staff). You will then be responsible for completing checks on this production system to confirm this meets your requirements. 

Once you are happy with the configuration data on your edays system, you can go ahead with launching edays to your staff!

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