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The edays Mobile App: Quick Start Guide for Managers

Welcome to the edays mobile app guide for managers . This guide will provide you with the additional information you will need to get up and running as a manager.

Note: There is a separate guide which covers the information needed if you are a standard user. This guide is just the additional information pertinent to being a manager. If you are a manager, be sure to read the standard user guide as well.

Manager view - overview

If you are a user who has managerial permissions within edays and are the authoriser of staff, you will automatically have the managerial version of the edays app. 
The home page view is slightly different in that it lists an alternative ‘Managerial’ tab at the top and includes a search bar in the top right hand corner. You will still be able to see your own entitlement separate to that of your staff on the personal tab. This tab also functions the same as the user view detailed above. 
To access information about the entitlement, sickness and other time tracking information for your staff, click the managerial tab. 
When the Managerial page is opened, you will see staff who you are authorised to approve leave requests for on the edays system and a text indicator will tell you if they’re currently scheduled to work or on leave. 
At the bottom of the screen you can toggle between seeing an overview of their entitlement or sickness (including viewing their Bradford Factor score).

Manager view – viewing staff

When you click on a member of staff you are taken to a page, similar to your own user page that indicates the total entitlement, sickness and other time tracking. From here you can also book leave on behalf of staff by clicking the ‘Book on behalf of +’ button located at the bottom of the page.
Tabbing from entitlement to records enables you to see their leave in calendar or list view.

Manager view – user search

You can also search employee records by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the home screen and typing in the member of staff’s name.


The notifications button on the navigation bar will take you to a list of any notifications you have been sent from the edays system. This can include whether leave has been approved or declined.
If you are a manager you will also have an area for requests where you can easily view, decline or see more detail of the request.
To view more detail simply interact with the ‘view’ button where you will be taken to an event page which shows you all the detail from the original request, the users remaining leave, and a view of who else is one leave during the same period.

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