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Absences - Cancelling your booked absence

This guide has been created for all system users.

If you are unable to access anything covered in this guide, please raise this with a system administrator.


A key component of the Edays system is the ability to create absences, with each instance of an absence saved as an absence record. Your system may contain many absence types, although a default absence type will be attributed for Holiday bookings. 

If your circumstances or plans change, where configured, Edays allows for you to cancel a booked absence. This guide provides the steps required to cancel an existing booking. If you wish to edit an existing absence in the system, please follow our guide by clicking here.

Step by step guide:
  • Click the 'Planned absences' button near the top of the page or navigate to 'My Tools' and click 'Planned absences'. 
  • Scroll down to the Absence Records area in the lower half of the page. 
  • Identify the absence request you wish to edit and press the 'Cancel' button to the right. 
  • When asked, confirm that you wish to cancel the request.
  • Depending on how your Edays system is configured, the absence will either cancel immediately or send the cancellation to your approver as a request. Once approved, the absence will be cancelled.

Please note: Your system may be configured to prevent absence cancellations. In this case, please contact your absence authoriser or a system administrator.

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