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Expert Project Initiation

This area is here to help you understand the details you will need to prepare at the beginning of your edays implementation, as part of our expert implementation package. 

Your edays implementation journey will begin with a project initiation call with your project manager. It’s vital for us to understand what’s working well and not working well in your current absence and leave process, as well as what you are most excited to see in your new edays system. This will allow us to tailor our service and training we provide you and make sure you get the most of edays from the get-go. We will explore this with you further on the initiation call. 

Your project manager will also take you through the steps for implementation, the details we need you to provide us with and book in your training sessions during this call.

A key document for your edays implementation is the data capture form (DCF)*. We use this form to import your employees into your edays system as users. Your project manager will go through how to complete the data capture form with you on your project initiation call. You can also download the data capture form from this page and watch our video on how to complete the data capture form below.

*If your users will be syncing through to edays from Cornerstone, the data capture form you will be asked to complete will be slightly different from the standard data capture form. Please see our partners section for more details.

At the start of your edays implementation project, your project manager will give you access to our online client portal. Once you have completed the data capture form for your organisation, we will ask that you send it back to us via this client portal rather than by email for data security purposes.

We want you to get the most out of your training sessions, so please start gathering your requirements for your new edays system beforehand. The requirements document, which is available for you to download from this page, lists key areas you should consider when doing this.

During the project initiation call, you will schedule in your administrator configuration training with your project manager. Ahead of this though, you may find it useful to take a look at the sample project plan below.


The next stage after the project initiation is your training and configuration, and you can find more details about this stage here.

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