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Leaver License Guide

What is a Leaver License?

Marking someone as a 'Leaver' will allow you to retain user records for those that have left your company, without keeping them “active” on the system. 

There are several advantages in doing this; 

  • The “non-active” user will have no way of accessing the system. 
  • All records and historical data for the user will remain accessible on the system to managers and administrators; including historical absence records, in case of a future audit or when looking at historical absence trends.
  • You will be able to pull accurate reports for users that have left in the same way as you can do for users that are active on the system. 
  • You will pay a discounted licence fee of £3 per Leaver License, per year

How do I use the Leavers facility?

Before you can use the Leaver's functionality you will need to add Leaver Licenses to your system. 

To add Leaver Licenses:

  • Go to the admin panel homescreen 
  • Scroll down until you see the "User Breakdown" module (shown below) 
  • Click "Order user licenses".

You will then be able to choose the amount of licenses you want to order.

The "order reference" box is the reference number that is sent to the finance team for billing purposes. If you require a PO number for billing purposes you can input the PO number here, or just use it as a personal reference to track orders. 

If you cannot order licenses and wish to, you will need to enable the "license ordering" role type. If you wish to enable this please contact the Customer Success team at and they will enable the license ordering role on your behalf. 

Leaver Retention Period - Automatic Deletion of Data

Leaver Retention Period allows you to set the number of years the data is kept on a leaver, before they are automatically deleted from the system. This is set in year periods. 

To apply this setting:

  • Go to the Admin Panel and select Global (can also be set at a template level)
  • Select System Setup
  • Scroll down to Additional Settings
  • "Leaver Retention Period (years)"
  • Set the amount of years

When you set a leaver retention period the system will backdate the number of years that is set. E.g. if you set 2 years, any leavers that are older than 2 years will be deleted. The deletion job runs once per day.

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