This guide has been created for system administrators.

Specific role permissions may be required, including: Users.


Public holidays are assigned to groups of dates, which are applied to users' calendars. Each individual date will then appear on the calendar, marked in it's associated colour. A user's Public Holiday Groups can be inherited from the Global or Template level or applied at the User level.

This guide provides the steps required to apply a Public Holiday Group to a user's calendar.

Step by step guide:

  • Navigate to Admin tools > Users.
  • Search for the user you would like to affect and click the edit button to the right.
  • In the user detail screen, select the Rota tab.
  • Click the 'Apply public holidays' button.
  • Click the 'Apply' button to the right of the Public Holiday Group you wish to assign to the user.
  • Click the 'Remove' button to the right of any Public Holiday Group you wish to unassign from the user.
  • Click the 'Save all changes' button at the foot of the page.
  • Click Yes when presented with the Update Future Absences message box if you wish to re-apply absences in line with changes that have been made to the calendar.

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