If you have users that work zero-hour contacts OR working periods that aren't strictly planned, e-days offer the function of Manual Day Calculator - MDC for short. 

This function allows the manager OR user to specify days that they are working and are not - see an example: 

This also works over multiple days/ weeks. 

In order to configure this, please ensure the rota pattern is configured - we'd recommend creating a 7-day working pattern (to accommodate any possible day of working/ absence). 

Link for Rota creation below:

Adding a new days rota

Once created, you will need to ensure the permission is enabled on the users' account - see below steps: 

  • Admin tools
  • Users
  • Search and edit the user(s) in question
  • Select the System tab
  • Scroll down to Absence settings- enable the permission - 
  • Save to confirm. 

Now the authoriser OR user will be able to book any planned OR unplanned absence using the MDC tool. 

Any questions, please inform the team.