When you wish to add specific fixed absence dates to your system, e.g. Christmas shutdown days, you can use the custom days feature in e-days. Custom days can be set to deduct from an entitlement balance if required and can easily be applied at the global, template or individual user level.

If you haven't yet created a custom days list to add the custom dates to, please click here to view the respective guide.

Step by step guide: 

  • Navigate to: Admin > Global > Custom Days Set Up.
  • Identify the custom days list you wish to add dates into and press the blue Days button on its row.
  • Press the +Add New button at the top of the screen.
  • Provide a date, an optional name for the date, and specify how much of that date is a custom day.
  • Press the orange Save button (or the 'Save and add another' button if you wish to add further dates).

To apply a custom days list to users' calendars, please follow the below linked guide at the required system level.

Apply Custom Days - Global

Apply Custom Days - Template

Apply Custom Days - User

Note: You will need the Rota Set Up permission applied to your e-days role in order to carry out this task.