Once the pattern configuration has been updated, you'll need to re-apply the pattern. 

If you wish to re-apply for a specific user, please see below: 

  • Navigate to: Admin Tools > Users > Users
  • Use the search filters to find the user you wish to update, then press the blue "Edit" button on their row.
  • Press the "Rota" tab.
  • Scroll down to Revert to inherited rota and select.
  • Select Revert all.
  • This will then revert the rota to the default pattern, as a result, any incorrect rota data will be removed - select Save all changes to confirm.
  • Now you'll need to re-apply the pattern, press Apply rota.
  • Locate the rota you wish to apply, and press the blue Apply button for that row.
  • Input the Start date for the rota being applied, and press the blue Confirm button.
  • Press the orange Save all changes button.

This will then re-apply the pattern and update any absence records the rota covers. 


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