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Carry Over / Transfer Expiry

The below provides a general introduction to the Carry over expiry feature in e-days. 

In order to access this function, please see the below steps: 

  1. Admin panel.
  2. Records.
  3. Expire holiday carry-over.
  4. From here, you'll be able to configure and manually expire - please see below for reference:

For further information, please see our overview below:

  • The Carry over expiry feature provides the ability for administrators to remove any carried over entitlement that users have not taken by a certain point in the year.
  • To operate this feature, access the page on the date when users have to take their carry over by, select the Expire not used checkbox, and hit Search. This will show you a list of all users who have remaining carry over, along with what amounts they have left. You can select whose carry over you'd like to expire using the checkboxes on the left; using the top checkbox to select or deselect all users, and you also have to filter the records you'll see in the group at the top of the page. When you're happy with the users you've got selected, hit Expire not used and the system will remove any carry over entitlement that has not been used by the current date. 
  • You can also expire anything that has not been booked up to a certain date by selecting Expire not booked, choosing a date up to which carry overbooking can be taken, and then repeating the process above.

Note: You will need the Record's permission to access this feature.

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