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Carryover Configuration - Overview

This guide has been created for system administrators.


The carryover / transfer section allows for the configuration of how unused entitlement can be moved between 'Last Year', 'Current Year', and 'Next Year' based on the holiday calendar year set in your system. Configuring carryover at the 'Global' system level will affect all users where there are no respective overriding 'Template' level or 'User' level carryover configurations in place.

The options available when configuring carryover will differ depending on whether your system is set to the advanced or standard entitlement mode.

Please navigate to admin tools > admin panel > global - if you see both Entitlement Setup and Accrual Pattern Setup, your system is set to the Advanced Entitlement mode. If you see Entitlement Setup but not Accrual Pattern Setup, your system is set to the Standard Entitlement mode.

n.b. if your system is currently set to the Standard mode, please raise a support ticket if you would like to request the Advanced Entitlement mode.

Important: automatic carryover will not occur at the holiday calendar year end for users with planned absence records set to 'pending' for the outgoing year.

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