For an overview of carryover configuration please click here.


The steps in this guide relate to the Advanced Entitlement mode.

To access the support guide related to the Standard Entitlement mode please click here.

Template level carryover configuration will override the Global level configuration.

If your system is set to Advanced Entitlement Mode (i.e. you have Entitlement Setup and Entitlement Accrual Setup available in Admin Panel > Global) – 

  • Navigate to Admin tools > Admin panel > Templates > User Templates
  • Press the edit button in the row of the template you wish to affect.
  • In the user template detail screen, select the entitlements tab
  • Press the edit button in the row of the entitlement pot you wish to configure (e.g. Holiday) - if you do not see the entitlement pot listed, press the advanced button to display all.
  • Press the edit button in the row of the entitlement element you wish to configure (e.g. Annual Entitlement)
  • Scroll the page down to view the 'Entitlement Carryover / Transfer and Expiry' section
  • If required, set an entitlement element to allow manual carryover requests to transfer to
  • If required, set an entitlement element to automatically carryover to at the holiday calendar year end
  • Set the maximum number of days which can be carried over (by setting this field to 0.00 up to all remaining days can be carried over for the given user)
  • If required, set a date (day and month) for the carryover to expire
  • If you would like to restrict carryover use only to an absence spanning the year end, press the advanced button and set this field to 'Yes'
  • Press the save button at the foot of the page

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Important: automatic carryover will not occur at the holiday calendar year-end for users with planned absence records set to 'pending' for the outgoing year.