For an overview of carryover configuration please click here.

When setting the carryover / transfer configuration for your system, you will have the options of applying manual and/or automatic carryover. This guide explains what each of these options means and how they are used within the system.

Automatic Carryover:

When an entitlement has been set to the 'allow automatic carryover / transfer to' field in the carryover configuration, some or all remaining balance* of the entitlement type you are configuring carryover for will automatically be transferred to the chosen entitlement for the following year. 

For example, if you are configuring carryover for the Holiday entitlement and have set the 'allow automatic carryover / transfer to' field as 'Holiday', some or all remaining entitlement balance* will automatically transfer from the outgoing year of Holiday entitlement and be added to the new incoming year of Holiday entitlement. This carryover will automatically occur on the first day of the Calendar year set for the user (e.g. 1st January).

Important: automatic carryover will not occur at the holiday calendar year end for users with planned absence records set to 'pending' for the outgoing year.

Manual Carryover:

By setting an entitlement to 'allow manual carryover / transfer to', carryover / transfer records can be created by system admins and/or system users depending on related settings. A manual request can be placed at any time in the user's calendar year and the transfers can be made between 'last year', 'current year', and 'next year'.

  • For a user to be able to place a manual carryover / transfer request from the front-end of the e-days system, entitlement transfers will need to be enabled in the Transfer Settings. To view our guide to Transfer Settings please click here.
  • As a system admin you can also have the ability to create a manual carryover / transfer record in the admin panel provided that you have the necessary role permissions. To view the guide for creating a manual carryover / transfer record in the admin panel please click here.
  • Users can request a manual transfer from the front-end of the system which will be subject to the default authorisation process. To see the guide to creating a manual transfer request please click here.

*dependent on the amount set to the 'maximum carryover / transfer amount' field