e-days supports the function of importing the balance for the entitlement pots on your system at a bulk level, this function will allow you to export an excel document and amend the balance for both current and next year. 

Please find the below steps: 

  • In the e-days admin panel, hover over the Users icon and select Import Entitlement from the drop-down menu.
  • Review the example formula, 0 equals current and 1 equals next year.
  • In the second panel, specify the type of unique identifier used in your import sheet, for example, User Login.
  • Now select the entitlement you are importing values into, for example, Holiday – Annual entitlement.
  • Specify the time unit of your values, if you select Days, e-days will convert the amount specified from days to hours for hour-based users.
  • When the configuration is correct, please select Download all current user data.
  • e-days will then export a CSV excel file, open the import sheet in a spreadsheet program, and adjust user entitlement data accordingly.
  • User ID is a unique identifier for the user - typically their e-days login name. This cannot be edited in the sheet.
  • Entitlement is the value to be uploaded for that user’s entitlement.
  • The year is the year to upload the value into – ‘0’ for the current year, ‘1’ for the next year.
  • Once you have updated the excel file, please navigate back to the import entitlement page.
  • In the final panel press the Choose File button and then select your prepared import sheet from your computer.
  • You will then need to choose the type of operation for the imported entitlement.
  • Adjustment to base entitlement value:
  • e-days will add the provided values to the user’s current entitlement.
  • New base entitlement value:
  • e-days will set the user’s entitlement to the value provided.
  • New remaining entitlement balance:
  • e-days will set the user’s remaining entitlement to the value provided.
  • Once confirmed, press the orange Import Entitlement button to start the upload.
  • E-days will display a message at the top of the page when the process is complete. Please wait for the process to complete before navigating away from the current page or closing your web browser.

If you wish, you can cross-reference the user’s identifier by using the System Information report, located with the Data Reports.