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Public Holiday Setup - Import dates via CSV

This guide has been created for system administrators.

Specific role permissions may be required, including: Global Rota Setup.


Edays allows for public holiday dates to be assigned and managed using Public Holiday Groups. A Public Holiday Group can then be assigned to a user's calendar. Public Holiday Groups are commonly used to separate public holidays by country or by whether the public holidays affect an entitlement.

This guide provides steps for importing public holiday dates to existing public holiday groups using a CSV file. If you would prefer to import public holiday using our import feed, please click here to see our guide.

Please note: public holiday dates can only be imported to existing Public Holiday Groups. If you have not yet created a Public Holiday Group, please see our guide by clicking here. 

Step by step guide:

  • Navigate to Admin tools > Admin panel.
  • Go to Global > Public holiday setup.
  • Click the Days button to the right of the required Public Holiday list.
  • Click the Import Public Holidays button.
  • Click the Import using CSV button.
  • Click 'Download Sample' to download a sample CSV file containing the required structure.
  • Remove the sample data from the CSV and replace with the public holiday data you wish to import, ensuring that column headers are retained.
  • Return to your Edays screen, and click Choose File.
  • Select the CSV file you just edited.
  • Click the Import public holidays button.

If you would like to enlarge the video, please click on it to expand.  

*Microsoft Excel is a third party software for which we are unable to provide technical support. Please refer to your software supplier or IT team.

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