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Reports - Scheduling a report

This guide has been created for system authorisers and administrators.

Specific role permissions may be required, including: Reports Dashboard.


Edays provides the ability to run both preset and custom absence, overtime, system usage, and entitlement reports, and for these reports to be downloaded as a CSV, HTML, or XLS file.

This guide provides the steps required to schedule a report to periodically send to yourself.

Step by step guide:

  • Select 'Managers Tools' then 'Reports Dashboard'.
  • Select the 'Data Reports' tab.
  • Source the report you wish to schedule, if in a different folder, please navigate to that folder.
  • Click the button with the 3 dots on the same line.
  • Select 'Schedule Report'.
  • Source the users you wish to include in the schedule by using the 'Choose a group type' option and selecting the users group.
  • Select the users you wish to include in the schedule.
  • Once all users have been selected, click the 'Add Users' button.
  • Set the start of the scheduled reports via the 'First report date' section.
  • Include an end date for the schedule via the 'Stop date' section, if required.
  • Set the frequency for the scheduled report as needed.
  • Select the 'Create' button to save the changes and commit the schedule into Edays.

If you would like to enlarge the video, please click on it to expand.  

Please note: Your visibility of users included in reports is determined by the Reporting User View setting. If you are an authoriser, and you are unable to see required users in reports, please raise this to one of your system administrators.

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