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System Setup - Password settings

This guide has been created for system administrators.

Specific role permissions may be required, including: System Setup.


The Password Settings section lists the options and rules for setting user passwords.

To locate the Password Settings please navigate to admin tools > admin panel > global > system setup.

If you require the guide to resetting a user's password please click here.

Password Settings definitions:

  • Minimum password length - This field defines the minimum amount of characters which can be used for a password.
  • Password must be mixed case - Tick the checkbox to enforce the use of both uppercase and lowercase letters in passwords.
  • Password must contain special characters - Tick the checkbox to enforce the use of special characters (e.g. ?#*) in passwords.
  • Maximum invalid password attempts - This field defines the number of incorrect password entries allowed before a user will become locked out of e-days. If you require the guide to unlocking a user please click here.
  • Allow remember me - Tick the checkbox to display a remember me option on the login screen.
  • Login timeout - Select the amount of idle time allowed before e-days automatically logs out.
  • Allow users to change password - Tick this checkbox to allow users to set a new password when logged in. The Change Password option will be visible when hovering the user avatar in the top right corner of the system front-end.
  • Force users to change password - Tick the checkbox to enforce users to change their password periodically. Once the selected period of days has passed, users will be presented with a password reset screen upon next log in.

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