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Rota - Best Practice


This guide will give you an understanding of the Rota section in edays and the different types of Rotas which can be created. 


What can I do with a Rota?

The rota patterns are applied to users’ calendars and represent the periods of the week that the user is working. For example, Monday-Friday as the usual working week, or perhaps Wednesday-Sunday for restaurant staff. 


The rota setup tool is very flexible and can be used to setup days-based, hours-based, or night-shift patterns. 


A video on the configuration and example configuration can be found here:


Key sections for a Rota

The list below explains the different sections when creating a rota pattern and provides detail on what they control:


  • Pattern 
    1. Weekly: This will be your standard weekly pattern e.g., Mon – Fri or Mon – Thurs
    2. Daily: This is used to create rota when users need to work on a day basis. For example, 4 days on, followed by 4 days off. 
  • How many weeks / days are in your pattern? Used to build the rotation of the rota pattern, the UI will change depending on the ‘Pattern’ option and the amount you specify. For example, nurses who work 3 weeks of days and then a week of nights.
  • Calendar Day View: Controls how the rota pattern appears on the calendar
    1. Working Period
    2. 24 hours
    3. Custom
  • Pattern Application: Allows you to specify what the pattern is each day and what can be applied:
    1. Not working 
    2. Full Day 
    3. Half day AM or Half-day PM 


Note: Where a day is set to full or half day, the duration of a day will correspond to the hours per day setting. The hours per day setting can be found in the System Setup screen in the Global level settings and can also be set at a template or individual user level in the Systems tab. 


     4. Hours based 


Note: Hours-based rota patterns, can be created using the timeline and drag out from the left or right to increase the duration. The duration of the hours based working period; can be overridden you wish to consider unpaid breaks et cetera. 


How to create a Rota and apply these?

The below knowledge base articles will instruct you on creating a new rota and applying these globally, for a sub-set of users and on the individual level:



A video on the configuration and example configuration can be found here:

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