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Public Holidays Part Time - Best Practice


Public holidays do not appear in your entitlement summary, this is because public holiday entitlements don't need to be set up for full-time users; for example, you are awarded 8 days for public holidays and are presumed to work for all 8 of them.

However, if you work part-time, you may work too many / too few public holidays for your contracted Full Time Equivalent. For example, if an employee never works Mondays, they will find themselves with excess Public Holiday entitlement since most Public Holidays each year have taken place on the employee’s day off. 

This example assumes 8 public holidays are assigned to the rota (Public Holidays in England in 2021: 5 Mondays, 2 Fridays and 1 Tuesday)



Award (days)

Deduction (days)
































* Rota is weekdays, Monday (M), Tuesday (T), Wednesday (W), Thursday (T), Friday (F), Saturday (S)

Public holiday entitlement configuration

For the Public Holidays part time tool to work you will need to make sure that you have allowed the public holidays setup globally and, on each template, (group of users) and have created an element for public holidays with the details specified below:

  • Within the system the system, go to Entitlement Setup -> Elements next to a pot (usually the default holiday pot).
  • Create or edit an element that should be devoted solely to public holiday entitlement.
  • Set "Restrict element to award entitlement for public holidays" to Yes. (It is also possible to do this at Template level). This controls the award of entitlement.
  • Ensure the element has a lower sort-index than other elements in the pot, so that balance is deducted towards public holidays before other elements. (Normally, you will want this to be the lowest sort-index of all.)
  • Go to Public Holiday Setup. Ensure all sets of public holidays / custom days you are applying deduct from this entitlement pot. This controls the deduction of entitlement.

If you are starting halfway through a year with edays the public holiday tool will need to be ran for you initially and then will run on rollover thereafter. Please contact your Implementation Specialist/Project Manager to assist you. 

How the Public Holiday for part-time employees works?

Once the configuration is done, whenever new users are created, the public holiday element will award entitlement in days equal to the number of public holidays on the user's rota (multiplied by the Full Time equivalent (FTE) - see FTE section below), even if they do not deduct. The rota is used to determine the number of hours each day that should be deducted.

Upon rollover, the next year will be populated with the allowance for the public holidays. 

Tip: Prior to rollover, it is important that the public holidays for next year and the year after are all correct.

FTE change behaviour

Within edays you have the ability within a user record to use the FTE calculator on a user’s level to calculate the new entitlement for an employee. 

The entitlement in days awarded for each public holiday is equal to the user's FTE on that day. Triggering an FTE change for the user will therefore update their entitlement award due to public holidays. (The deduction will be handled by the associated rota updates).

For example, the user's FTE changes from 1 to 0.5 on 1st July and they have 8 public holidays in the year (Jan-Dec). 

The FTE change calculation is therefore:

  • [FTE] 1 * (6/12 months) * 8 = 4 days


  • [FTE] 0.5 * (6/12 months) * 8 = 2 days

Giving the result for the full year of 6 days.


  • Next year's public holiday entitlement can already be seen without having to wait until rollover for adjustments to be made.
  • If a new public holiday is added to the public holiday group or a new set is applied to calendars, entitlement must be manually adjusted for users.
  • It does not recalculate automatically for calendar year changes; balances should be manually adjusted after a calendar year change.
  • It does not recalculate automatically for template changes; balances should be manually adjusted if a change in template results in a change in public holiday days.
  • If a user is marked as a leaver, we don't automatically calculate their new entitlement for the fact that some of their public holiday entitlement was awarded for after the left date. However, if you also set their FTE to 0 with effective date equal to the left date, you can see entitlement calculations this way.

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