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Custom Holidays - Best Practice


This guide will give you an understanding of the different ways you can add and use Custom Holidays in edays.


How can import custom holidays?

There are a couple ways you can add custom holidays into edays and these are listed below:


  • Manually adding – You may not know the custom holiday straightaway, so the system is designed to easily add these one by one. For example, it might be that there is a special holiday announced, like the extra Bank Holiday in the UK for the Queen’s Jubilee. 
  • Importing – If you have multiple regions then you can easily add multiple custom holidays for all, in one go. 


Flexibility of Custom Holidays

Custom Holidays can be created for different countries. For example, in England your organisation might have Christmas Eve off, but in Germany they get the Christmas Eve and Boxing Day off.  Custom Holidays can be setup to either deduct from a user’s holiday entitlement or not.


You can apply the Custom Holidays globally if you organisation is in the same country or for a sub-set of users if they are in different countries. 


Custom Holidays can be easily updated if any changes occur throughout the year, for example with dates changing, and these will cascade to the users associated to the Custom Holiday groups. 


TIP – We recommend reviewing your Custom Holiday groups each year to make sure they are correct.

How to create Custom Holidays and Apply them?

You can watch a guide on how to create Custom Holidays and apply them here: 



 A video on the configuration and example configuration can be found here:


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