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Interface - Best Practice


This guide will help you understand how and why you may want to use our APIs to join your edays system to your HR or payroll systems.


What is an interface?

An interface is a link between two systems, for example this would be pulling in employee data from a HRIS system into edays or data being extracted out of edays into a payroll system. 


Why may you require an interface?

An interface between a HRIS or Payroll system will allow you to streamline processes and take the burden of adding users or extracting reports for payroll process. 


The API will enable an automatic (or semi-automatic) transfer of data between systems on a regular basis. It will depend on the systems you are connecting and the needs you have with the connection as to how much data and which data, is transferred and when.



At edays we have open API’s which are available to you, and these can be shared with your technical team who will be able to use the information to create the link between edays and the system you require. 


The documentation will cover how to authenticate the connection, which data is available and which operations can be triggered. These can all be found here:

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