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Sickness Reasons - Best Practice


You can enforce the capture of sickness reasons on specific absence types, and doing this for sickness has many benefits, for example:

  • Identify sickness trends within the workforce
  • Improve the dialogue between managers and their team during Return to Work meetings
  • Create alerts that go to managers & HR for specific reasons 
  • Consistent data - no more 'unspecified'

Typically in the UK, this is a best practice approach. There are specific countries which do not recommend this, however this setting can be enabled or disabled on a template basis - so you can pick and choose which of your teams/countries are required to select a sickness reason. 

How to apply?

You can enable this setting Enforce Reason Capture with the following steps:

  1. In the Admin Panel, go to Global > Absence Type Setup
  2. Select which Absence Type you want to apply this setting to - typically this might be your sickness types - and click edit. (Note: You can do this on a Template and User level too)
  3. Under Additional Settings, you will find a setting called Enforce reason capture, ensure this is set to Yes.
  4. Once applied, users/managers will not be able to submit a request for the required absence without selecting a reason from the dropdown.

Please note, you will also need to ensure Sickness Reasons have been created on your system. For more information on those, please see here:

How to add Sickness Reasons to your system

Assigning Sickness Reasons to a specific Absence Type

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