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Reporting - Best Practice


This guide will give you an understanding of why and how to use the flexible reporting tool in edays and how to get the maximum value from the tool. 


What can I do with Reports?

The reports tool in edays is flexible and you can:


  • Build: Create a report from scratch using all different reporting fields such as login or status
  • Customise: Change one of the default reports available to remove and add fields which you require
  • Filter: Use the large list of filters to reduce the size of the data pool e.g., date filters to get data between January and April or Status = Approved.
  • Schedule: Once you have created a report with filters which you may need to run on a regular basis, you are able to create a automation to not just yourself but others to receive an email with a link every X days, weeks or months. 
  • Download: If you need to extract the data from the report for use outside the edays system, this can be done in different formats.

Reports can be saved and are easily re-used or re-customised.


Key Reports

The list of reports below will help you analyse what is happening in your business:  


  • Absence information: This report will help you with payroll at the end of each month and you will be able to use the filters to restrict to a particular date range, leave and absence type and status. You can also download the report to import into a payroll system. 
  • Entitlement This Year: This report will allow you to easily see what individuals have used, booked, and remaining. You will be able to filter this based on regions or users. 
  •  Ten Day Compliance: If you work for a financial institution, you will know that you are required to book a minimum 10-day holiday in a year. This report allows for you to identify individuals who have not met this criterion. 
  •  User Adoption: A report to see which users are logging into edays and allows for you to easily identify users which you may need to get in contact with to start booking in some holiday to prevent burnout. 
  • X Occurrence in a rolling period: Allows to see how many occurrences of a leave type or absence type have been booked in a rolling period. This will help you to identify if certain employees need additional support.


Additional Reporting Functionality

In the admin panel of the system: Admin > Global > Entitlement Setup, you will find our additional report for ‘Accrual to Date’:


If you are configuring the system with a full year entitlement balance for each user, this tool will be extremely useful when needing to work out how many days or hours a user has accrued to a certain date.


How to build a report

You can watch a guide on how to create a report here: 



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