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Public Holidays - Best Practice


This guide will give you an understanding of the different ways you can use add and use Public Holidays in edays.


How can I import public holidays?

There are multiple ways you can add public holidays into edays and these are listed below:


  • Using our Feed: The feed consists of country specific Public Holidays which can be added with a couple of clicks. 
  • Manually adding: On some occasions the feed may not hold all the public holidays (for example if the government creates a special public holiday for a state funeral), however you do have the ability to manually add each Public Holiday one-by-one. 
  • Importing: If you already have the list of Public Holidays and they are not available in the feed, then you can bulk upload them in one go. 


Flexibility of Public Holidays

Public Holidays can be created for different countries or regions within a country, for example if we take Germany, you may need to create a Public Holiday list for Germany Bavaria and one for Germany Berlin. 


You can apply the Public Holidays globally if your organisation is in the same country or for a sub-set of users if they are in different locations around the world. 


The Public Holidays can easily be updated if any changes happen throughout the year. If dates change, these will cascade to the user associated to the Public Holiday groups. 


TIP – We recommend reviewing your Public Holiday groups each year to feed through or add the future Public Holidays.


Calculate Public Holidays for Part Timers?

Please refer to the Public Holiday Part Time Guide:


How to create Public Holidays and Apply them?

You can watch guides on how to create a Public Holidays and apply them, here: 


A video on the configuration and example configuration can be found here:

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