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Time Tracking - Submitting Digital Clock In / Clock Out

The digital clock in / clock-out feature is a great way for businesses using edays to provide their staff with a self-service, digital time clock. Submitting time worked takes the paper and hassle out of timesheet submissions and simplifies an often unnecessarily complicated process. Here's a step-by-step guide to using the clock in / clock out feature:

The clock in button is present in the menu at the top of all front-end user pages for easy access. When this button is clicked, it creates an open time entry starting at the current time.

The button then changes to a Clock out button. Clicking this will close the open entry, using the current time.

There are a few features of the clock in / clock out process that you should be aware of:

  • You cannot clock out at the same minute as you clocked in.
  • You cannot clock in if the current time clashes with an existing timesheet submission.
  • If midnight is passed without clocking out, the period is not closed off.
  • If less than 24h have elapsed, you will be able to clock out and a pop-up prompts you to confirm whether you worked overnight.
  • If so, this will close off yesterday at 23:59 and create a new period from 0:00 today up to the clock out time.
  • If not, you must specify in the pop-up the time you finished working yesterday, and this will close it off simply.
  • If more than 24h have elapsed, you will be able to clock in again the next day. This means you can have multiple unclosed periods.

For example, Lionel works shifts as a cleaner for Pallas Accountants, an accountancy firm based in the northwest of England, which has three sites in the northwest. This week, Lionel cleaned all three offices on Monday and Wednesday from 5 pm-12 am and Friday 5 pm – 2 am. He also worked from 5 pm -7:30 pm on Tuesday at their Liverpool site. When he arrives at work, he uses edays to clock in and clock out for each shift. On Fridays, he works overnight and the edays system asks him to confirm he is working overnight when he submits his time worked.

In conclusion, the digital clock in / clock-out feature is a great way to simplify the Time Tracking process for businesses using edays. If you have any issues with this feature, please contact your system administrator for assistance.

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