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Time Tracking - Creating Activities

Time Tracking - Creating Activities

As a system administrator, you can use the activities feature within Time Tracking sheets to record time spent on specific long-term projects, travelling, or training. This feature is best used to monitor long-term or recurring business-related actions. By using the edays system, you can create and define your own list of activities that you wish to monitor. You can then choose if this time spent can be recorded by staff or authorizers and administrators only.

To create activities, navigate to Global -> Time Tracking settings -> Manage activities and click on "Add New" to create an activity. You will need to enter the activity information, including the name, description, sort index, and active status. Once an activity is set up, it can be enabled at a global level by selecting it from the activities list. The list can also be overridden at the template or user level.

Activities are similar to booking leave in the sense that the edays system records the amount of time a user’s normal shift is affected, but it does not reduce their entitlement. This feature benefits companies who are looking to see where time is being spent across the business at a glance, as well as those looking to run detailed reports, which can be specified down to the minute.

Monitoring business activities has several benefits, such as reviewing the effectiveness of time spent or identifying the need for greater resources. For example, Pallas Accountants, an accountancy firm based in northwest England, created two activities - “Customer Meeting” and “Customer Reports” - to monitor time spent on customer meetings and collating customer reports. After a month of using the activity feature, they were able to see that time spent on customer meetings was higher for staff in Manchester, but they spent less time on average creating custom reports. This report helped them upskill staff in Liverpool & Blackpool to gain better customer insights to reduce the time spent on generating their reports.

In conclusion, the activities feature within Time Tracking is a powerful tool for monitoring time spent on specific long-term projects, travelling, or training. By creating and defining your own list of activities, you can easily monitor where time is being spent across the business and run detailed reports. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our customer support team.

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