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Time Tracking - Book Activities

The Time Tracking feature in edays allows companies to record time spent on various activities across the business. This guide will explain how to book activities and the benefits of monitoring business activities.

To record activities, your system administrator must first create the defined activities for your company. Once this is done, you can follow these steps:

  • From the user front end system, navigate to “My tools” and then “Time Tracking”.
  • Go to the date you wish to record an activity submission for.
  • Click “Add new”.
  • Enter the start time and end time.
  • Select the activity from the drop-down list.
  • Click “Save week” to save your timesheet for the current week.

You can manually type in the time or select it by clicking the clock in the start and end box. Please note that time is submitted in a 24-hour clock, and you cannot start and end an activity in the same minute. If you finish at 9:30 and immediately start the next activity, mark the start time as 9:31.

The benefits of monitoring business activities include reviewing the effectiveness of time spent and identifying the need for greater resources. By using the edays system, administrators can create and define their own list of activities they wish to monitor. This feature benefits companies who are looking to see where time is being spent across the business at a glance, as well as those looking to run detailed reports, which can be specified down to the minute.

For example, Pallas Accountants created two activities, “Customer Meeting” and “Customer Reports,” to monitor time spent on these tasks. Gary uses the Time Tracking feature to note when he is in customer meetings and when he is completing reports. He enters the information at the end of each day and clicks “Save Week” to save his submissions so far. Once he has entered all his information for the week, he clicks “submit week” to submit his hours to the business.

In conclusion, booking activities in edays is a simple process that can provide valuable insights into how time is being spent across the business. If you have any issues accessing this feature, please contact your system administrator.

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