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End of year - Best Practice


The New Year is fast approaching, and for many of you, this also means your Holiday Year rollover, or carryover as we call it, is about to happen. There’s a number of important items to consider at this time of year, so we’ve prepared this handy guide to help you get the most out of edays.

edays has a carryover feature that can either allow your users to manually request carryover, or to automatically process carryover when the system rolls over. You are also able to add maximum amount of carry over. To check/configure your Carryover set up, please see the guides below:

Configuring Carryover - Global
Configuring Carryover - Template
Configuring Carryover - User

Pending Absences
NOTE: For automatic carryover to run, the system requires all absences to be actioned. If an absence is Pending, carryover will be skipped for the user. You can run an Absence Information report to check for any pending absences in your system.

Running an absence information report


If you had policies setup for your system, these can be checked to make sure the correct rules are setup, and each user will be provided the correct balance when the rollover occurs.

Next Year Entitlement
If next year’s entitlement hasn’t already been awarded, this can be done using the Import Entitlement tool.

Bulk updating Users' entitlement

Public Holidays
If next year’s public holidays haven’t already been input into your system, you can either use the import tool, or manually add the days.

Public Holiday import via Import Feed
Adding Public Holidays Dates individually
Import Public Holidays via CSV

Custom Days

You may have set days of absence for your users, such as a Christmas Shutdown that you require to deduct from holiday entitlement. If this hasn’t already been configured, users could end up overbooking holiday.

Adding a new custom days list
Adding a new custom days date 


You are also able to use the learning center which provides bite size videos on how to configure key areas of edays. You will also find best practise and reasons why you may want to configure your system in that way:



If you are struggling with any of the checks or feel the configuration is not correct and require further assistance, please contact the support team via the 'Submit a ticket' option (top right).

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